United States First Lady Melania Trump seems to be on a quest to successfully swat her husband’s hand whenever she can. After the awkward exchange at Israel went viral, another one crept up from Rome. This time, the action is more obscure.

On Tuesday, the Air Force One landed in Rome on the third leg of the President’s first foreign trip. Trump emerged out of the plane with this wife Melania by his side. However, when he tries to reach out for his wife’s hand as they dismount, Melania abruptly lifts her hand to brush her hair.

Trump, left hanging yet again, seemingly ignores the abrupt gesture and waves unaffectedly to the crowd. It is not clear whether Melania intentionally avoided her husband’s hand.

Watch the viral video here: 

This occurred after the Ben Gurion International Airport incident where Melania sharply swats her husband’s hand away while walking the red carpet. That moment, which was captured by hundreds of cameras, instantly went viral.