Prying into the private conversations of his wife on WhatsApp took an ugly turn on Saturday in Agra, when the woman retaliated by attacking her husband with a sickle. The husband sustained injuries on the head and was sent to a local hospital for treatment.

On other hand, the woman tried to flee the village but was stopped and thrashed by the husband’s family members.

Netrapal Singh , 21, married Neetu Singh, 19, three years ago in Bhilawali village in Kheragarh but they were living separately ever since. It was a routine visit for Nitu at her husband’s place when the altercation happened.

She was texting someone at night over Whatsapp when Netrapal demanded to see the conversation. After she refused to hand over the phone to him, he forcefully took it but it apparently did not go down well with her and she launched several blows with sickle on him.

As per the husband, Nitu was having a long standing affair with some other man and that was only reason that Netrapal wanted to see her Whatsapp conversation. He also stated that he had also requested her several times in the past to stay away from her lover but she just refused to pay heed to his requests and continued her endeavour with this another man.

In her defence, Nitu has denied these allegations and has said that Netrapal self-inflicted those injuries upon himself.

The police later detained the woman and are waiting on an official complaint from the victim or his family members to start the probe.

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