An under-prepared student hailing from Borsad area of Anand district in Gujarat chose a very unique yet bizarre way to answer the questions of Chemistry paper during his board examinations.

Unable to think of relevant answers for the questions, he wrote down his sexual fantasies in response to every question and in minute details.

The student appeared for his Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board exams recently and his Chemistry answer sheet left the woman teacher, who evaluated his copies, red-faced.

As per reports, not only were his answers sexually explicit but they were also unthinkable as he jotted down his sexual fantasies for a porn star, an actress and his sister-in-law.

The school and board have decided to bar the student from appearing in the higher secondary exams for one year and his result has also been cancelled for this year.

Reportedly, the student is thought to have a perverted psyche and has performed poorly in almost every subject.

The school authorities are trying to contact his parents but have been unable to establish any connection with them so far.