Millions aspire to get a fancy and unique number for their vehicles but it’s not an easy task when you have to shed a handsome amount of money.

The want of getting an attractive number for vehicles is not new. People since ages have been showing interests and spending money in getting fancy, VIP numbers.

There are several combinations that usually become attraction for customers like a combination of a single digit eg — 9999, 1111, 1000, or all the time famous 007 that also represents Hollywood character James Bond.  Some people do it for fun while there are millions who sees astrology a reason behind.

In a latest and record breaking instance, number plate mentioning ‘0001’, which is considered a VIP number, has been sold for Rs 16 lakh. Going by the reports, this is the highest amount in which a number has been auctioned in the past three years.

But it’s not the individual who has bid for number plate 0001. Palm Land Hospitality Pvt. Ltd, a private company, got this number during e-auction for fancy numbers conducted by the Delhi government.

Bidding for fancy and desired numbers for vehicles is an obsession that resolves around the world and also becomes a good source for the government agencies to earn some revenue. 

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