In yet another foot in mouth moment, Air India on Sunday courted controversy after the air conditioning system of a Delhi-bound flight from West Bengal stopped functioning on Sunday, leading to uncomfort and unease among the passengers. The flight had 168 passengers on board that time.

When contacted, Air India said that it was a technical glitch and a probe into the matter would be initiated.

Meanwhile, a video was also making rounds in the social media showing the passengers onboard sweating profusely and fanning themselves using in-flight magazines and safety cards.

An Air India spokesperson confirmed that the passengers had to suffer because of the malfunctioning of air conditioning system of the aircraft.

The flight took off at 1.55 PM from West Bengal’s Bagdogra on Sunday. Around 20 minutes after departure, passengers complained about the AC malfunctioning. They were given assurance by cabin crew that the fault will be repaired after some time, but that didn’t happen.

Some of the passengers also tried putting on the oxygen masks, but these were also not working.