They don’t seem to quit, nor do they want to learn from a score of cases where policemen have been exposed accepting bribes, bringing bad name to the force.

Welcoming you to the sorry state of affairs in the system, in yet another instance, a Traffic police constable was caught red handed taking bribe from a commuter in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

The incident took place in Shinde ki Chhawani area in Gwalior, when a ‘power-drunk’ official of Madhya Pradesh state Traffic Police chose to ignore his duty and was openly caught taking money in exchange for favour even as a bystander recorded the act on his camera phone.

In a video uploaded by a national news agency on Twitter, the traffic constable in uniform is seen accepting monetary favours in exchange of letting off the vehicle. The video could be apparently filmed by the affected commuter whose vehicle was seized by the constable.

The small 18-second grainy video shows the policeman standing outside a shop and dealing with the person in broad day light about the money for which he would let the owner of the two-wheeler go escort free without any punishment — spare bribe as punishment!

The video shot on a phone goes on to show the constable grabbing money and slipping the keys of the vehicle to the owner asking him to run away.

Taking cognizance of the situation, the SP of the area has ordered a probe against the alleged traffic constable.

With these incidents happening on a frequent basis, uprooting corruption from the system seems like a distant dream. The police department clearly needs better incentives and motivation to refrain its personnel from accepting favours and bribe.

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