You Tube has become a launch pad for a number of tech enthusiasts for minting easy money along with finding a place to show off their talent with the minimum investment. 

Harmless though, the callous attitude can lead to disastrous results when tech savvy ‘vloggers’ give basic preparation a miss.

In one similar close to near fatal incident, a Chinese ‘vlogger’ who goes by alias as ‘Ms Zhang’ accidently ingested a poisonous plant mistaking it for medicinal ‘Aloe-vera’ plant.

In a latest video doing rounds on the internet, the vlogger is seen holding two leaves of the poisonous ‘Agave Americana’ plant, which she thinks are those of Aloe vera instead. At first, when she takes a bite, she is heard saying that the plant tastes ‘great’, but as soon as she grabs the second bite of the plant, she complains about the bitterness of the plant as her ‘mouth goes numb’.

Used for agricultural and medicinal uses, Aloe-vera is also used for decorative purposes and possesses many health and beauty benefits. 

She also complains of experiencing ‘fire down her throat’, and it was also reported that she got blisters and rashes in her mouth, food pipe and stomach.

Ms Zhang was immediately hospitalised and her condition has now improved. She needs to be more careful when it comes to eating plants in the future.