In a latest move to be kick-started by the Uttar Pradesh government led by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), all the newlywed couples in the state will be given a free kit which will comprise of contraceptives and condoms. The so-called ‘Shagun’ (gift received on wedding day) will be distributed on the ‘World Population Day’ on July 11under central government’s Mission Parivar Vikas initiative.

Coming out as a move to keep a check on the increasing population, the kits called ‘Nayi Pahal’ will be handed out and briefly explained by the ASHA workers. As per reports, the ASHA workers will also be carrying brochures, guidelines and other important literature in order to enhance the people’s knowledge over safer sex. The couples will also be made about the importance of family planning and also keeping a safe gap between the births of two kids.

Apart from promoting family planning message and other contraceptives, the kit will also contain a letter from the Health Department explaining the nuances of family planning and importance of minimum time between two children.

The scheme will be rolled out under Center’s Mission Parivar Vikas yojana.

Commenting on the initiative Avneesh Saxena, project manager, Mission Parivar Vikas said that the main aim behind this initiative is to prepare newlywed couples about responsibilities of married life.

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