In India, it’s understood what to do when you see a snake slithering around. Yes, you’re right; run in the opposite direction or scream, shout and knock yourself out. But in Australia people are not like us, especially journalists, who seem to deal with ‘breaking events’ around them in a more cool, calm and collective manner.

In their latest episode of what went viral over there, a women journalist from Channel 9 in Darwin came across a python slithering behind her work station.

Sorry guys, there is no catch or chaos linked to this story as the unperturbed woman ‘simply’ pulled out the python from her desk and transferred it in a shopping bag which was held by one of her colleague.

The fact that the woman, (clearly a strong candidate for employee of the month) got rid of the python so easily is what is doing the rounds on social media.

You can watch the video here:


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