‘Kya apne kabhi online hotel search kiya hai?’ Well if you watch videos online, you are more than just familiar with this phrase and the guy who comes to your mind is the latest internet sensation who has literally become the face of all the memes doing round.

Since everyone around has been humming his tagline as their new jibe on friends, we tell you who really this Trivago hotel ad guy is.

Abinav Kumar is the name. This might come as a shock to many; the ‘irritating’ Trivago guy is India development head of the company. Going by the reports, the ‘meme’ guy lives in Dusseldorf, Germany.

People all around have been Googling ‘Who the Trivago guys is?’, ‘Who is Trivago ad model?’, ‘Was the ad targeted on making people sick?’ etc.

Following this, the guy has topped the list of ‘online sensations’, leaving the ‘Airtel 4G girl’ far behind.

Abhinav ‘Trivago Ad guy’ Kumar has become a sensation after people all around the world started following him, tweeting about him and even trolling him. Even though, the guy failed to spread his charm with his ‘modelling skills’, he sure has won some hearts with his patience. It has been noted that Abhinav responds very calmly to most of the tweets.

Don’t believe us? We have proof. Recently, a guy posted a picture of Nitish Kumar on Abhinav’s Twitter page which read: Trivago guy at the age of 50.

Well, he might have irked a lot of us with his ‘extraordinary modelling skills’ but the guy surely takes the cake for his twitter replies. 

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