After continuous efforts in finding a bride for himself, a 34-year-old Kerala boy turned to a social media platform and literally converted it into a ‘matrimonial website’. Ranjish Manjeri, a photographer from Manjeri in Malappuram district has recently put out a Facebook post after failing to get a bride form past 7 years. Since no positive results were yielded from the relatives’ help, Ranjish Manjeri started looking for his life partner on ‘Facebook Matrimony’.

Sharing a post on his Facebook page, Ranjish said that his wedding has not been fixed and the search for that special one is still on. The post read, “My wedding has not been fixed yet and I am still looking for someone. If you know anyone, please let me know. I am 34 years old. I have to see the girl and like her. I have no other demands. Occupation:  Photographer. Hindu. Caste no bar.”

The photographer also shared a picture with his parents outside their house. He also mentioned that his family members include his parents and a sister who is married with an 18-year-old daughter. The post which was shared over 4,000 times went viral as the people throughout the world are applauding his confidence and also wishing him well in his future endeavour.

Talking to a local daily, Ranjish Manjeri said that apart from a few prank calls, people are calling in from India, Australia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the US and asking for details. He said, “Families called from India, Australia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the US. Some were enquiries for girls falling in my age group. Some were divorcees. I must admit that to choose from hundreds of proposals will give me a hard time. I have given people my WhatsApp account to send photos and details.”

Just like many, you might be thinking, Why the post went viral? or Why was he unable to find bride for himself? Well to put your curiosity rats at rest, the matrimonial advertisements in Kerala prefer highlighting caste over the qualities of the groom. For say, the ads in Kerala often mention the caste of the boy required by the bride’s family.

One of the reasons why Ranjish’s post went viral was that it missed ‘caste’ which is like a rarest occurrence in Kerela. Well we do not know if he has found out his lady love yet, but we wish him all the best.