Neymar Jr has signed for Paris Saint Germain in a sensational deal of $263 million USD. The transfer is insane, it’s the highest football has ever seen.

The deal doesn’t stop here; Neymar has signed a 5 year contract and will be earning a staggering $53 million per year, which extends PSG expenditure on the footballer to an added $255 million. So Neymar in total is going to cost an exorbitant $528 million.

One would argue football is a dirty business, and players don’t come for peanuts anymore, not to forget Neymar is a superstar and can lead PSG to heights of glory. PSG are sure of goals, trophies and a huge increase in PSG’s fan base on the arrival of the 25 year old stellar forward.

But is the outcome enough compared to the insane money involved? There could be a long list of things one can buy in that money.

If not enough one can buy AS Monaco football club, a relatively successful club which plays in the same league as PSG or maybe several English 2nd tier clubs.

Honourable Finance minister of India Mr.Arun Jaitley in February 2017 proposed the overall budget of India where he allocated Rs 3.59 lakh crores (USD $53.5 billion) for Defense and military, which equals to 204 effective Neymars.

The defense budget of India is the portion of the overall budget of Union budget of India that is allocated for the funding of the Indian Armed Forces. The budget is utilized to finance employee salaries, training costs, maintenance of equipment and facilities, support of new or ongoing operations, and development, procurement of new weapons, equipment, and vehicles.

Yes 204 Neymars will exceed the whole defense budget of one of the world’s largest democracy. The calculation is when the footballer’s earnings over the 5 years period are not taken into account, only the effective transfer fee has been compared.

If only 107 such epic transfers with a same salary bracket are executed, the amount will overtake the Indian defense budget of 2017.

Okay let’s talk about Indian football now; For ISL- India’s top football league it certainly will be a dream too far to afford a player of Neymar’s expense anytime soon. Number of Indian Super Leagues (ISLs) in whole could be afforded by the money spent on one Brazilian ace.

Leagues like, Pro Badminton League, Pro boxing league, Pro Kabaddi League that enjoy immense viewership in the country could also be clubbed along ISL and this transfer fee would still be far from over.

The money involved in the transfer of Neymar is insane, and has left the football world in splits. La Liga president Javier Tebas has opposed the transfer, openly accusing PSG of ‘financial doping’.  It will be interesting to see what landmarks these extravagant football transfer stats achieve in coming years.

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