Online shopping giant Amazon was quick to remove ‘Donald Trump Classic Tweets Toilet Paper’ from their online shopping portal, as the product was reported by several users who felt that the pun was a bit too much and a disrespectful gesture towards the American President.

It was on Friday that the online seller added another very interesting product in their Donald Trump toilet collection. After a ‘Donald Trump Toilet Roll Talker’ which apparently talks in American President’s real voice when you use it, and a variety of toilet paper rolls ranging from the funny faces to the ‘Last day in office’ roll, yesterday came the ‘Donald Trump Classic Tweets Toilet Paper’.

So what was different in this roll of toilet paper there already are so many with Trump imprinted on them. There had to be something special about these as the thing got viral on Twitter in no time and Twitterati as always, had a field day trolling the American President. The unusual paper roll featured top 10 most annoying tweets of Trump according to the seller.

The popular product on was listed under ‘Donald Trump Classic Tweets Toilet Paper-Single Roll’ and the description said ‘Double ply toilet tissue printed throughout with a collection of ten of Donald Trump’s tweets that we deemed were most suitable for flushing.’

The price quoted for 1 roll was $9.99 (INR 636.66), though the listed roll has now been taken off.