Amid a string of bizarre online challenges, we have the mother of all controversial yet fun dares – Heart shaped boob challenge. Don’t be shocked yet, this is an internet rage right now and girls from all over the world are becoming eager participants in this fun and young challenge.

The challenge, reported to have originated in China earlier this week, soon went viral on the country’s social networking site Weibo with a big chunk of population taking to the internet to post a picture of their breasts in the shape of a heart. Men also joined in the fun dare, posting hearts made out from their ‘man boobs’ as well.

Essentially, the challenge requires women to hold their breast and moulding it into a shape of a heart then posting the picture of it online but men have also taken up the challenge by posting their humorous pictures as well.

According to sources, the ‘heart shaped boob challenge’ attracted a quite lot of attention with thousands of women posting images of themselves completing the challenge by crossing the million mark just within days when the challenge first started in China and majority of the participants hailing from the latter country.

But the Chinese social media giant was not impressed with the clicks and considering them inappropriate got rid of some, subject to Chinese censorship.

Earlier this month, the social media world lingered around other challenges like the ‘belly button challenge’ in which participants had to touch their navels by reaching around their backs. Displaying the flexibility of the fingers was another similar challenge termed as ‘finger knot challenge’.

Despite the measures adopted by the Chinese censors to curb the trend, it is widely expected to catch on in other countries in no time.

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