In a bizarre incident, a resident of Jamshedpur received an electricity bill of Rs 38 billion on Sunday, much to his shock.

According to reports, the man named BR Guha received the non-payment bill by the Jharkhand Electricity Board, following which electricity supply was cut-off from his home.

Expressing his surprise over the incident, Guha said there was no way the bill could amount to such a huge amount.

“It came as a surprise to us. We didn’t anticipate this. We have a house of 3 rooms. We use three fans, three tubelights and a TV at times. How can we have such a huge bill?” Guha told news agency ANI.

“My mother is a sugar patient and my father has pressure. It was only after our neighbors intervened that we were able to do anything,” Guha’s daughter was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, the family has lodged a complaint against the Electricity Board and the matter is under investigation.



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