In another bizarre news from Saudi Arab, a marriage was ended after a man divorced his wife for walking ahead of him and giving deaf ear to the prior warnings. The matter has once again highlighted the increasing number of divorce cases. Following the issue, calls are emerging seeking counselling services.

While speaking to a local Sudan daily, the man said that he had given repeated warnings to keep a step behind him, but she kept walking ahead of him after which he divorced her.

However, this is not just one bizarre reason over which a woman was given divorce.

Earlier, a man divorced his wife after she forgot to put sheep first (Sheep is considered to be the most important part of the dinner) on the dinner he hosted for his friends.

As per reports, the woman claimed that after the guests had left, his husband accused her of embarrassing him and instantly gave her the divorce.

In another case, a wife was divorced for wearing foot bangles at her honeymoon.

Commenting on the matter, a social consultant in Saudi Arabia said that Families should educate their young men and women and encourage them to engage in psychological, social and religious awareness and education programmes to protect them from marital problems.