Imagine it’s your wedding, the time has come when people close to you start saying a few words about you and your partner. Well, that’s usually what happens in most of the weddings. Now, it’s your best friend’s turn to take the stage and out of the blue he or she starts  showcasing  all your browsing history, searches you have made on the world’s largest pornographic material distributor PornHub  not dropping the old theme of making a speech but integrating the speech, adding a little spice to speeh  combining with the PornHub searches you’ve made in the past and displaying it on a screen in front of everyone be it your parents or relatives.

For his best friend Dan’s wedding, Thom actually did the aforementioned instance teaming up with the Pornhub , contacting them and asking the latter to compile a video showcasing his best friend’s browsing history and favourites. PornHub too cooperated and  released a 1.30 minute long video telling Danny, the groom, how much they have appreciated his ‘stamina and loyalty’ over the years.

He begins his speech by asking “what has Danny always loved?”. Porn.

 Subsequently, The video starts with a girl named Aria, introducing herself with a message from Danny’s ‘old friend’ PornHub.

The girl then drops the bomb saying, “All the girls are gutted to hear that you’re getting married. We want to congratulate you and your bride today, but we also want you to know that we’ve saved all your favourites.”

The video then rolls out all his most viewed videos and a map of all the places from where he has logged in to the porn website.

PornHub then goes on offering the groom, Danny, a premium free subscription stating, “Danny we will never leave you and you will always be welcome back. We know Cath (his wife) can’t travel with you everywhere. So when that day comes, we will welcome you back with a free Pornhub premium subscription.”

The video ends with a congratulatory message and a loud kissing sound.  Here’s the link to view it.

The video and and whole scene took everyone by surprise, doubts must be surfacing  in your mind thinking that the scene could have seen a complete different turn of events but it was received well by the guests, family as well as by the bride too and they all had a great laugh and everyone was seen enjoying the hysterical compilation.