A 22-year-old was beaten black and blue by a group of men for speaking in English while having a conversation with his friend in Lutyens’ Delhi. Out of the five attackers, three of them have been nabbed by Delhi Police while two are still into hiding.

The incident came to light after the victim reported his ordeal to police. As per reports, the victim, Varun Gulati, was in Connaught Place to drop his friend to a five star hotel in the area. While dropping him off, Varun was talking to his friend in English which irked a by-standing group of men.

The group, allegedly inebriated, started manhandling Varun asking him why he is using English as a medium of communication. On protesting the mistreatment, the 22-year-old was viciously beaten by the assailants, who fled the scene later. Varun managed to note down the vehicle number of the assailants and reported it to police.

The police took immediate action on the matter and apprehended 3 of the 5 attackers. The probe is still on as the two other accused are on a run.

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