Internet generation is reaching newer heights of craziness every day, and with awesome singers like Dhinchak Pooja and Omprakash Mishra getting the fame, the fate of homo sapiens seems to be in doubt.

If you are a regular scroller of social networks and follow even a couple of humor pages, then you might be aware of the legendary song ‘Bol Na Aunty Aaun Kya’ by legendary Indian cringe-pop singer Omprakash Mishra.

The self proclaimed rapper uploaded ‘Aunty ki ghanti’ on Youtube in 2015, the song is about the sexual feelings of a boy with an older woman. Many roast has been done of this song and video by many Youtubers, which made this song so popular and trendy that now people are organising events to sing and give a shout-out to Omprakash Mishra’s sensational song.

First initiative to organise the event was taken by the facebook humor page ShitIndiansays, event was organised in the heart of Delhi, Cannaught Place. This event welcomed all the fans and roasters to come along and sing ‘Aunty ki ghanti’ . 13,000 people were interested in this event and many of those attended it.

After Cannaught Place this event held in different places like IIT Khadakpur, Indore, Bhuwaneshvar, Noida and now it’s going to be held in Mumbai on 17th September at Marine Drive.

As some people are going crazy for Omprakash Mishra and supporting him to compose more songs like ‘Aunty ki ghanti’ , some are getting offensive and tagging it as a rape threat for girls and women because of the lyrics of the song

Here are some lines from ‘Aunty ki Ghanti’

“Itna mast figure tu kaise ye banati hai; din mein das baar dekh tu marwati hai.”

“Tera taala, meri chabi ek night ki hai baat; maan ja aunty, sun le meri baat.”

“Teri to ghanti bajana aauntie meine thani hai, night mein yeh dekh meinu sot lagani hai.”

The above lines depict the sexual fantasies of a person who wants to get physical with an older woman. Some people acknowledge the fun element in the song while other find it offensive and derogatory.

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