It is that time of the year when the city of Kolkata turns into a bride with grandeur and creativity all around. The grand festival kick started on the ‘Panchami’ day with all the local clubs and Puja committees competing to lay out the best of Puja pandals and idols in the city.

The pandals and idols made in Kolkata are considered the best in world with people flocking in number to the city to enjoy its beauty. Some pandals are based on themes like Mahismati Palace, Thailand’s White Temple, Picasso’s Dystopian world and London. In the London themed pandal located at Sealdah you can find yourself amidst the London Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye and Buckingham Palace.

But the main center of attraction in this London themed pandal is the gorgeous Durga idol that has been wrapped in a sari made of pure gold. More than 22kg of 22-carat gold have been used to craft a beautiful gold saree with delicate embroidery. Flowers, butterflies, birds and a giant peacock have been engraved on the saree. The saree is also studded with gemstones and ‘minakaari’ work.

Since 2017 marks the 85th anniversary of the Puja Committee, they wanted to do something unique and unusual. Atleast 50 artisans worked for over two and half months to execute this mind blowing outfit. Indian Express quoted Pradip Ghosh, president of the puja committee saying, “We have seen, gods being decorated with gold jewellery and dresses made with gold zari. But never before has an entire outfit been crafted with pure gold.”

As per reports, the gold for the sari has been sponsored by Senco Gold and Diamond who collaborated with designer Agnimitra Paul in the completing this extravagant project.

The idols have been crafted by famous Kumortuli artist Mintu Pal, along with some of the best goldsmiths in the state.