Dussehra, which marks the victory of good over evil is being celebrated on Saturday. The festival is celebrated to commemorate Lord Rama’s victory over demon Ravana. So as you gear up to celebrate Vijaya Dashmi, we bring you some intriguing facts about Dashanan, who indeed was one of the most interesting characters of Ramayana. Read on! 

Ravana was Brahma’s great grandson

Ravana was son of famous rishi Visravas, who himself was son of Brahma’s ten ‘mind-born’ sons Prajapati Pulastya.

Most prosperous Lanka king ever 

No, Ravana was not a cruel king as is usually believed. Yes, he took over Sri Lanka by force from his step brother Kuber, but went on to become Lanka’s most influential king ever.

Worshipped at several places in India and Sri Lanka

While we burn the effigy of Ravana on Dussehra, he is worshipped at several places not just in Lanka, but India as well. In Andhra Pradesh’s Kakinada, a huge shivalanga supposedly installed by Ravana is worshipped along with the demon-king. There are many other temples in the country as well where people worship him.

Ravana did not have 10 heads: Yes, this is true! Dashanan did not actually have ten heads as per some versions of Ramayana. Ravana wore a necklace made by his father which reflected light and made an illusion of ten heads.

An excellent Veena player: Lankesha  is said to have a keen interest in music and was an extra-ordinary Veena player.

Ravana imparted knowledge to Lakshman from his death bed: Even Lord Rama valued Ravana’s knowledge and asked his brother Lakshmana to sit beside him and learn lessons related to diplomacy and statecraft.

A revered devotee of Lord Shiva: Ravana was a big devotee of Shiva. He even performed a penance which pleased Lord Shiva so much that he gave him an Atma Linga (Soul of Shiva) as boon, but it was later cheated by Devas and did not remain in his possession.