A bizarre, rather appalling incident was reported from one of the top education institution of India, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. A student, Jayant Darokar of the elite institution was served food with a dead mouse in the campus’ Aravali Boys hostel. The victim of the incident used social media platform Facebook to share the reckless attitude of the mess administration.

The Facebook post has received more than 1.3k reactions and over 420 shares. Jayant Darokar has claimed that the matter was escalated to the IIT administration but their behaviour was aloof. Jayant told a leading newspaper that he found a small dead rat inside the thick white chutney in his plate. He added that this is not the first time a dead animal has been found in the hostel food.

“On earlier occasions, we have found cockroaches, ink, and honeybee inside our food. Following which we had submitted complaints to our professors and the institute director but in vain,” Jayant added.

After the Facebook post by Jayant Darokar, Director of IIT-Delhi Ramgopal Rao took cognisance of the matter and wrote on Facebook, “I am aware of the incident which happened in the IIT Delhi hostel related to food today. We have formed a committee of 3 wardens to investigate the matter and report to us within 48 hours. They are already on the job.”

So in the temple of technology, IIT DELHI, where students yearn for years to come,Where professors incessantly keep…

Posted by Jashan Suri on Monday, 25 September 2017

The director also added that some people associated with the mess are surely going to lose their job.

Ramgopal Rao, also asserted that naming and shaming the institute is not going to be a solution for anything. “It works when nobody listens to you in the institute. My doors are always open for the students and I have been dining in the hostels at regular intervals to know the problems first hand.”