In one of the most surprising and rather shocking moves, a blindfolded young woman named Jae West who is a survivor of an eating disorder stripped down to her underwear last week at a busy junction in London’s Piccadilly Circus, holding a placard that explained her reason of doing so.
The video about the same that was uploaded on YouTube on August 14 has gone viral with a vengeance within no time gathering over a million views. 
A member of The Liberators International Organization that aims to raise awareness of social issues, West claimed that she suffered from an eating disorder as a teenager and low self-esteem in her early twenties.
In her initiative, she wanted people to draw a love heart on her body to show that she was accepted by the people as a normal human being and to send across a message that everyone ‘should love themselves exactly as they are and appreciate the bodies that they are given’.
Young and inspirational Jae feared that no one would leave a mark on her body, however, she explained the feeling of being acknowledged and said, “The feeling of the felt pen was on my skin was one of the most overwhelming feelings of relief, gratitude and love that I’ve ever felt.”
Jae further added that the existence of eating-disorders and self-esteem issues were increasing in world. “If everyone could know and appreciate how beautiful they are from childhood I think this world would be a very different place,” she said.
“With the growing prevalence of eating-disorders and self-esteem issues around the world, this public act of self-acceptance aims to get people to question the true relationship that they have to themselves and body-image.”
In one of her blogs posted on Inspiralight, Jae mentioned of being inspired of taking up the project after watching Palmer’s TED talk “The Art of Asking” in which Palmer undressed and asked her fans to write on her. “That night as I was going to bed, the idea of linking the vulnerability of nudity with self-esteem issues in a public setting came to mind. Just the thought of looking down at my body and seeing it covered in love hearts from other people brought tears to my eyes. It was a reality check of how harsh we can be on ourselves, we really can be our own worst critics”, she wrote.
Well, let’s all watch this inspirational video and behave a bit wiser by not judging people on the basis of their body. 

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