A kachori seller in the Aligarh city of Uttar Pradesh has a turn over of 60 lacs, reports said. The shop is quite famous for the locals and located beside Seema Talkies in the heart of the city. The daily sale beats any decent shop of the supermarket of that area in terms of the customer acquisitions.

The report of this huge turnover came to light following a close watch by the tax inspectors who positioned themselves at a shop near the Mukesh kachori. The tax department started monitoring the sale and profit generation from the kachori shop after a neighbor of Mukesh complained about his undocumented income to the tax department.

The tax department after finding out the turn over of the shop has sent a notice to Mukesh for not subscribing his shop under the Goods and Service Tax (GST). Mukesh claims innocence for not being aware of these formalities required to run a shop he is running for 12 years. He has disclosed his income and expenditure on raw materials to the State Intelligence Beaurau (SIB). The tax officials said that Mukesh will have to register his shop funder the GST system and pay tax of the last year. 

The shocking news has raised the Tax Department’s awareness about these street vendors across the country and they have warned about vendors being on their radars for not complying with tax regulations. The central government has made it mandatory for any business with a turnover of 40 lacs must have a GST registration number. 

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