A refugee rocket scientist’s job application went viral as he was seen holding a sign at Canary Wharf during the rush hour. On Tuesday, Mohamed decided to tell his story holding a sign in 20 words. He wanted to get noticed by one of the hundred people rushing on their way to work. “Came as a refugee just graduated from UCL in ROCKET SCIENCE. Looking for a career in finance, ask for CV”, read his sign. Holding a Masters in Space Engineering, he coined the term Rocket Science as his degree to make it sound cooler and voila it worked too. 

In turn of events, Mary from the International Rescue Committee approached Mohamed and tweeted his photo leading to thousands of retweets. Mohamed expressed his overwhelming joy as his friends texted him saying,”You are trending.” Over 200 people contacted Mary following the tweet, asking for Mohamed’s CV while two offers for interviews at the bank was already on his way. Without experience and good contacts, Mohamed expressed his dilemma to make his CV stand out after applying for over 70 jobs. Thus taking inspiration from David Sazarez who did the same thing in Silicon Valley a couple of weeks ago, Mohamed decided to follow the path, put his suit on and try his luck.

Fascinated by the parallel effect of world events and the financial market, Mohamed hoped for a job in finance. With the experience of coding, while studying Space Engineering and interest in using Artificial Intelligence, the Rocket Boy wants to apply those skills in the financial sector. After fleeing Libya, Mohamed along with his family came to the UK when he was three years old and lauded his mother’s support and encouragement for installing the value of education among his siblings and himself.

Referring to his all refugee friends who are all university graduates in areas like medicine, engineering and science, Mohamed credited the hard work, grit and their parents’ belief in education.

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