Remember the school times when kids used to fight with other kids over tiffin? We guess yes! Now do you remember when Bengal and Odisha were locking horns over the geographical indication of delicious rasgulla? Well, Bengal won the battle and celebrated the victory with yummy rosugullas. While many would think that this battle over sweets was nothing but a waste of time, many hailed the victory. Just as the battle over rasgulla found a solution, internet witnessed another ‘battle of sweets’, this time with the sweet Mysore pak.

So, currently Tamilians and Kannadigas are fighting over the geographical indication of Mysore pak. Well, if you are active on social media, you would have seen many posts where people are arguing that which state does Mysore pak belongs to. The social media has been taken over with people fighting over this. And it was in no time that some major publications also picked the story, and the topic became the talk of the town. But, the question was where did this all fuss begin from? Well, a Twitter user posted a sarcastic post over Mysore pak and the people went crazy. The post which is said to be the reason behind all this social media fuss read, “Tamilians were seen posting an unverified quote from British officer Lord Macaulay in the Indian Parliament in 1835. Macaulay said, “One of my best friends from Bangalore told me that Mysore pak was invented by the people of Madras. Tamilians have been making Mysore pak for years but, 74 years ago, a lawyer belonging to the Wadiyer family from Mysuru stole the recipe. The king then named the dish as ‘Mysore pak’.”

In you think this was not the end of some unverified news catching up the heat, well you are wrong. Many furious Kannadigas countered the post by saying, “Mysore pak was first introduced by a chef from Mysuru called Kakasura Madappa who was working as a master chef for the Wadiyers. While cooking, Madappa tried mixing sugar, ghee and gram flour. He then gave it a shape and this sweet came to be called Mysore pak.” Just so you are wondering, the fight over Mysore pak has still not found any ground yet and the battle continues.

What’s funny is that the Twitter user, whose post began this fight, later came out and said that it was pure ‘sarcasm’. Guess, we are too free to ‘fight’ on social media rather than addressing the issues which have some importance. Fight over food is something which is never justifiable until and unless it is satiating the hunger.

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