An Air India cabin supervisor last week slapped a flight attendant on a New Delhi-Frankfurt flight for mistakenly serving a non-vegetarian platter to a vegetarian business-class passenger. The passenger pointed out about the incident to the cabin supervisor. When the supervisor took up the matter to the flight attendant, she was quick to apologise to the passenger for the mistake and immediately replaced it with the correct vegetarian spread.

Back in the galley, the cabin supervisor could not control his anger and fury and slapped the flight attendant. According to reports, “It was a tight slap right across her face. The business-class passengers would have heard it.” The flight attendant has filed a complaint with her department head. This is not the first complaint against the cabin supervisor. In the past as well, she was alleged to have been violent with other crew members.

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In a rather infamous incident in 2017, Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad allegedly abused and kicked an Air India staffer in Delhi. The MP claimed he was made to travel in economy class despite having a business class ticket. He made news when he allegedly took off his slipper and beat up an Air India staffer, who was requesting him to get off the plane.

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