Twitter, which is said to be one of the biggest social media platforms today has become something more than just a medium to express views. On Monday, dairy giant Amul proposed a business plan to the Ministry of Railways and the dairy giant was overwhelmed by a quick response from the Indian Railways. Amul reached out to Ministry of Railways through their official handle with a business proposition to use their refrigerated parcel vans so that they could transport the Amul butter across India.

The Railway Ministry, said to be second in line when it comes to responding to online queries, had never thought that a business proposal would ever surface through tweets. Taking to their Twitter handle, Amul India told the Railways Ministry that Amul is interested in using refrigerated parcel vans to transport Amul Butter across India. Apart from proposing their business plan, they also asked for an advice.

Acting swiftly on the business proposal, the Ministry of Railways asked for the contact details of the concerned person. The Railways further assured that a concerned person will meet them on this matter and take it forward. The ministry also said that they would be ‘utterly butterly delighted to get the taste of India to every Indian’.

Following the exchange of tweets, the dairy giant met the concerned person and shared their experience on Twitter. Taking to their twitter handle, Amul India said that they had a good meet with the concerned people and further thanked them for their quick response.

The Ministry of Railways had introduced the refrigerated van service a few years ago with an aim to facilitate the transportation of goods like fruits, vegetables, frozen meats/poultry etc. According to reports, from past few years, most of the vans have been lying defunct.

Commenting on the matter, a Railway official said that the ministry would surely like to capture this traffic and will also see what they can do. The official further added that the vans can be repaired and can be further used to provide assistance to Amul India.