Amit Gupta, an auto driver had no idea that returning a passenger’s forgotten bag could make a huge difference in his children’s lives one day. According to a report in Times of India, two months ago Sarla Namboodiri (68) from Arunodaya English School in Chembur took Amit Gupts’ auto to reach to her car which was parked a little away from her location. Due to her age, she was unable to walk so she had to use an auto rickshaw. On that day, Sarla Namboodiri told that she forgot her bag in the auto.

As per reports, the bag contained Rs 80,000 in cash, credit and debit cards, driving license, house keys, two cell phones, car registration documents, and PAN and Aadhaar cards. According to Namboodiri, the money was collected as a student fee. At first, she tried to track him down but it was not an easy task. She contacted a vendor near her school through whom she got to know Gupta’s name. She also tried to file a case in the police station. But, to her surprise, Gupta returned with her bag around half an hour later. He told her that he got to know about her bag when another passenger found it in the backseat.

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Before she could react or thank him, he vanished again. It took her few days to track him down. So, she called him to the school and thanked him with her grand gesture.  “I found out that he wasn’t doing well financially. I learnt that he had two kids but couldn’t afford to send them to school. Being a former teacher and with my experience in the education sector, I decided to provide his children free education,” Times of India quoted Namboodiri saying. Gupta was felicitated and awarded with 10,000 rupees.

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