Weddings in India are like a small festival in itself. The fancy wedding processions, loud music, tasty foods and the overnight celebrations, these are just a few things that basically sum up a marriage. However, women in Karnataka has banned weddings in their village post 7PM. The residents of Belawatti village, located in Karnataka at the Belgaum district have also imposed a ban of Rs 10,000 if anyone fails to oblige the ban. The following ban over the wedding processing post 7 PM came in after a number of brawl incidents were reported between the drunken youth. The locals also claimed that the loud music is also destroying their culture.

The small village in Karnataka is surrounded by thousands of cashew trees and it’s because of the cultivation of cashew that village got prosperous. However, some people have been trying to put the cultivation to misuse by producing illicit liquor from cashew apple.  The village with a population of just 3,500 has also many illicit liquor manufacturing units. Reports claim that since the liquor is easy to get, the youth are addicted to it and public nuisance incidents are very common. The locals claim that not even a single baraat in the village has gone incident free.  Several villagers claim that youth dancing on loud music is a common sight and when they are asked to end the procession, fights erupt.

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However, the idea of implementing the ban came in after 50 drunken men disrupted a three-day spiritual programme in the village. Following this the women went ot the gram panhayat office and sought a ban on liquor in the village. As per reports, with no solutions received, an open meeting was held and the Gram Vikas Committee, gram panchayat members banned the sale of liquor and late-night baraat in the village.

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