Bhagat Singh Birthday: Today i.e. 28 September is the birth anniversary of Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh, who sacrificed his life for country’s freedom. Shaheed Bhagat Singh was born on 28 September 1907 in Baga in Laipur district of Punjab province.

Bhagat Singh, was the greatest freedom of the country and who shook the roots of British rule with his courage, filled the hearts of the youth with a passion for freedom. Bhagat Singh became disenchanted with non-violent ideology when Mahatma Gandhi announced the end of the Non-Cooperation Movement after the Chauri Chaura incident in 1922.

During the freedom movement, Bhagat Singh was punished for throwing a bomb in the Delhi assembly. He was initially kept in a Delhi jail and later sent to Lahore. While in jail, Bhagat Singh wrote many letters and articles which influenced the youth and even today those documents are taught in history.

On July 1928, an article by Bhagat Singh was published in the ‘Kirti’ newspaper, in this article Bhagat Singh compared the views of leaders Subhash Chandra Bose and Jawaharlal Nehru. Through this article, Bhagat Singh had given a message to the youth that with whom should they go or who should trust more in the freedom struggle.

He founded the Naujawan Bharat Sabha for the independence of the country in 1926. On the night of 23 March 1931, Bhagat Singh was hanged by the British Government on charges of conspiring with Lahore along with Sukhdev and Rajguru. It is believed that the death penalty was fixed on the morning of March 24, but the government, fearing public outrage, hanged him at midnight on March 23-24.

Here are 10 revolutionary thoughts of Bhagat Singh

  • Revolution does not come from bombs and pistols, the sword of revolution gets by thoughts
  • Rough criticism and free thought are two important characteristics of revolutionary thinking
  • Every single particle of ash is moving from my heat. I’m a freak who is free in prison
  • Mad lovers and poets are made of the same thing, and patriots are often called mad
  • Life lives only on your shoulders and people are raised on the other’s shoulders
  • You can’t kill people even by crushing them
  • Ruthless criticism and free thought are two important features of revolutionary thinking.
  • People usually get used to the way things are. His trembling starts to change at the thought of change. It is the need to replace this sense of inaction with the revolutionary spirit
  • They can kill me, not my thoughts. They can crush my body but not my spirit.
  • If the deaf wants to hear his voice, the voice has to be loud. When we threw the bomb, our aim was not to kill anyone. We had bombed the British rule. The British should leave India and liberate it.
  • People who stand for change, have criticized conservative things, They have to believe in it and the challenge the British council

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