People in this world are adventurous, daring, strong and are always ready to add fun to their lives trying something extra-ordinary stuff that has been rarely tried by other people. Most of the times, people try to attain that adventurous feeling by performing activities which have ever been done before and pushing their body limits to the maximum to attain satisfaction. While there are some, who wants to paint their body with the formation of tattoos. Many people get tattoo on their body, but this Delhi-based tattoo artist had his new tattoo made at a position where many would not even dare to.

Popularly known as ‘tattoographer’ Karan has recently got his eyeballs tattooed. ‘Tattoographer’ Karan claims that he is first Indian to have both his eyeballs tattooed. The 28-year-old tattoo artist from Delhi, who owns a studio shared his pictures and videos on social media website Instagram. While sharing some of his pictures on Instagram, Tattoographer Karan said, “I have been a dreamer since I was a kid. Been visualising, materialising and never stopping. I became my own creator. My own artist. The artist of life.”


Speaking to a leading news channel NDTV, ‘tattoogrpaher’ Karan said that he was 13 when he got his first tattoo. He was 16-year-old when tattooing his body became his habit. At the moment, I have uncountable tattoos and 22 piercing on my body.” Karan said. 

‘Tattoographer’ Karan also took to his Twitter account and put out a disclaimer for other people who tries to attempt such things in life saying, “So recently, one Canadian girl got her eyes inked from one of the people who try to do everything and they do nothing, and the result was horrible and tragic. Well, I got my work done from the one and only man on the planet, who invented eyeball tattooing 10 years back … so it’s always best and suggested that whatever work you get done from anyone you must ensure their background and how much experience they have.”