Friday, September 30, 2022

Black clouds over Gurugram: Netizens term it an apocalypse scene, see photos

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A blanket of thick black and dark clouds has covered Gurugram that looks so apocalyptic. This is not something very common in this city. It may be a sign of another heavy downpour.

Netizens took to Twitter to share the pictures and videos of the dark clouds that they are seeing in the parts of the city.

The dark clouds are hovering over like a movie scene. You cannot help but notice them and many people have even termed it as an apocalypse scene.

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Pictures are being shared on Twitter with the hashtag Gurgaon.  Gurgaon is trending on the platform. Some pictures even look scary.

For the last two days, Delhi is seeing heavy rain showers. People living in low lying areas are suffering. Due to the heavy downpour, waterlogging was seen in these areas which led to heavy traffic jams.

People were happily sharing the pictures of the rainy weather on early Sunday morning but in the afternoon they were experiencing something strangely apocalyptic. These clouds look scary rather than appealing.

While sharing pictures on the Internet, many people made it clear that they have not used any filters for these pictures. These are the actual pictures of how it looks outside currently. The clouds look so mind-boggling.

I was right, Wasn’t I? These pictures and videos do look like a movie scene Some of them look so incredible as if someone has painted the sky with black clouds.

For the next three days, Delhi is on orange alert. International Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rainfall at isolated places.

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