The world’s first erotic, sex-themed part is about to open soon for the general public but only the adults. Situated in Brazil, the place will be called Eroticaland. The erotic themed-amusement park will offer a wide range of exciting stuff for the visitors, but only above 18. Located in Sao Paolo, Brazil, the erotic theme park has had its share of controversies during the time it was being built, but will now soon be opening the doors for the general public.

Out of all the things that this first of its kind theme park will be offering to the people, some of them will include an erotic sculpture park, access to erotic games, a sex shop, a nudist pool, erotic museum,a cinema with vibrating seats which will be named ‘Treasure of pleasure’ and also a hotel. The total cost of this erotic theme park is $22.4 million.

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The construction of the erotic theme park started several years ago and but one of the most exciting and most awaited theme parks will be open soon to the public. Surrounded by controversies, the park is built near the city of Piracicaba, about two hours’ drive from São Paulo is likely to open for the general people in 2018. Previously, a member of the Christian Socialist Party says, “We cannot be known as the capital of sex.”

There are a number of theme parks in the world. Some are designed especially for water rides, some with thrilling and adventurous breathtaking rides, some with a touch of nature, but the Eroticaland has been designed especially for adults. 

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