Briton jailed for removing condom during intercourse with prostitute

A British man has been jailed for 12 years for removing his condom during intercourse with a sex worker, a media report said on Wednesday. Lee Hogben has been jailed on charges of rape. The 35-year-old accused had ignored the victim’s requests not to remove the condom, telling her that he won’t do that, and threatened her when she tried to wriggle free, the reported.

Hogben had contacted the sex worker through an adult website where she had said clients must wear protection. She had agreed to spend two hours with him at the Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth, Dorset, in January last year. But he never paid her the money. According to the prosecutors, Hogben had threatened the victim with violence when she resisted him.

She eventually left the hotel and filed a police complaint. Hogben was arrested the next day before being charged with rape. He had even threatened the judge who had sentenced him to 12 years in prison. He said the he would come back from jail and shoot the judge with a shotgun. He said he’s coming for him. The victim told the court that she even contemplated harming herself after the rape.

Hogben is a serial law breaker, and had been convicted in a string of cases involving harassment, driving offences, of rape and assault. He had also threatened to destroy people’s property, leaked private photos, broke restraining order and even made a malicious communication with a woman.

Defence lawyer Nick Robinson, however, said that Hogben committed the offences when he was in a heightened emotional state. He also said that the defendant had suffered years of sexual abuse while in care. Robinson further said that Hogben’s coping mechanism now is driving, violence, abuse and talking to people. Besides undergoing the 12-year prison for rape, Hogben was also slapped with an extended license period of six years, making the total sentence to 18 years.

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