In the rarest of the rare cases of theft, a Birmingham restaurant witnessed a rather amusing attempt of robbery, where the thief had to take the help from law-enforcers to save his life. The 45-year-old burglar who tried breaking into the restaurant late at night had to call off his plan when he got stuck in the ventilator while attempting to enter the place. Not just that, he stayed stuck in that position, with his legs hanging out of the ventilator for 7 hours at a stretch.

It was only in the morning when a person walking by the street noticed him in that position, shouting for help and called the police for assistance. About half an hour later, the thief-in-distress was liberated from the confined space with assistance from the fire brigade officials.

“The extractor unit had been removed and the suspect had climbed into the extractor outlet at around 2AM. He was completely stuck and couldn’t move at all,” said response officer PC Matthew Willocks. He added, “The fire brigade had to come in and use the Jaws of Life to pull back all the extractor casing to release him.”

The suspected thief was taken to the hospital for a preliminary check-up, following which he was taken into custody on charges of suspected burglary.

Here are some of the Twitter reactions:

The old saying “Thick as thieves” springs to mind.







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