Cheating is wrong but being careless and letting your spouse find out about it is totally stupid and it can have hilarious results for the people being witness to it. Well, one such incident took place recently on 5 November, and it took place at about 37,000 feet above the ground. Cheating confessions have always been hard, be it for the cheater or for the person who is being cheated upon, especially when you are surrounded by strangers. The incident that we are going to share happened on a Bali-bound Qatar Airways flight. Following the incident, the flight was also diverted, yes! Over 100 people suffered all because of this couple.

As per reports, the incident took place when the woman was tipsy during the said flight. Sources claimed that the woman unlocked her husband’s phone using his thumbprint while he was asleep. After she unlocked the phone, she found some objectionable content on his phone and what happened next was witnessed by everyone onboard. The woman, who was identified as an Iranian national, created a ruckus after she found out that her husband was cheating on her.

As per reports, the husband was the prime target for her anger, and the passengers on the flight who tried to calm her also became the target of her ire. The matter got so intense that the 10-hour-long flight had to be diverted. The Doha-Bali, Qatar Airways flight was a non-stop flight which was brought to an abrupt diversion following the ruckus created by the woman. A passenger onboard said that the uproar compelled the pilots to land the plane mid-way in Chennai.

Well, we have all seen memes reading, “A drunken woman does a better investigation than FBI”, well this are times which turn a cruel joke into reality!