A 37-year-old man lost his life owing to a snake bite after the snake charmer wrapped a deadly cobra around his neck on Wednesday, June 26. The incident took place in the Pakhanjore area of the Kanker district in Chhattisgarh. The identity of the man was revealed to be Suresh Mandal.

The police stated on Thursday that the snake charmer was performing a live show at a bazaar in Pakhanjore. The charmer claimed to be an expert on snakes and that he was able to control them. After the snake charmer asked to wrap the cobra around Mandal’s neck, Mandal played along. This led to the snake biting him on the left shoulder. As a result, Mandal collapsed to the ground.

The snake charmer, whose name has been identified as Beniram, subsequently claimed that everything was fine and asked the crowd not to panic. He stated that he can fix the man using his special ‘mantras’ which would extract the venom. Beniram was then reportedly beaten by the enraged spectators and then handed over to the Pakhanjore police.

The barely conscious man was then rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced brought dead after poison had spread all over the victim’s body. The police were then notified by the hospital after which they rushed over to the scene of the crime for further investigation.

Beniram is currently in police custody and will be prosecuted according to relevant Indian Penal Code sections. Further developments regarding the case are yet to be revealed.

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