We generally come from a society where we grow up listening to our parents say that our lives would be nothing but a piece of garbage if we don’t study. However, there have been several examples who achieved even more by being a dropout. Today, we are surrounded by a number of people who were school dropouts but still turned out be a person who millions would dream to become. Yes, celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Mark Walberg, Jonny Depp, Al Pachino and much more were all school dropouts. Now, these were a few of the people some of us actually aspire to be but there is another school dropout from Karnataka who made headlines after he defrauded the e-commerce giant Amazon of Rs 1.3 crore.

In the bizarre news a Class 10 drop out who was employed with Ekdanta Courier Company in Chikkamagaluru city of Karnataka. Reports suggest that the accused actually duped Amazon of Rs 1.3 crore in a span of five months. The accused carried out the transactions allegedly by rigging the payments he made through his card by a tab issued by the Amazon. One of the accused, Darshan alias Dhruva (25), convinced his friends to order an expensive gadget from the site and delivered the products without the payments being made.

After the matter was reported the Karnataka Police pressed into action and raided the place where the accused and his friends were living. Following the raids, the police arrested four youth and seized products worth Rs 25 lakhs. Among the products seized, there were 21 smartphones, an Apple watch, laptops and other things. Reports suggested that police also seized four bikes from the spot. As per primary investigations, it was found that the frauds took place between September 2017 and February 2018. Reports suggested that during the period of five months Amazon received around 4,604 orders from Chikkamagaluru city and all the products were delivered by Darshan.

Later, it was also found that Amazon had a contract with the courier agency of delivering its products in the city. Talking to TOI, the police claimed that Darshan created a false payment alert at the time of swiping the card. The investigating offer said, “Amazon authorities came to know about this cheating at the time of their quarterly audit, which was conducted in February. They lodged a complaint with us. We have arrested four youths including Darshan. Two accused are absconding.”

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After severe products were delivered and lakhs of money was duped, on March 8, Amazon’s senior Manager Naveen Kumar filed a complaint with the police claiming that Darshan cheated the company to the tune of Rs 1.3 crore. While investigations are still underway to find how Darshan managed to divert money from Amazon even after accepting the card payments, a police o0ffer said, “We suspect Darshan had tinkered with the tab and cheated the company by generating a false alert every time. To ascertain the modus operandi, we have sent the tab to the forensic lab”. After the matter was reported, the police arrested three friends of Darshan — Punith, 19; Sachin Shetty, 18; and Anil Shetty, 24. Reports suggest that investigations are still underway. Perhaps next time you think of dropping out from school, think it through as there are no shortcuts in life.

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