A  rare incident that might startle you, In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Koranic recitals could be played in the hope that it shall relax them and therefore, improve the quality of their beef, reported the national daily, Deccan Chronicle on Thursday, April 5. The move was put forward by Che Abdullah Mat Nawi, a member of the executive council in Kelantan state. He said, “We believe the quality of the beef will get better if the animal is calm or in a relaxed situation.”

However, the according to the report, there is no timetable for the new plan and the government would not roll out something like this on its own. He said, ” We believe that (reading the Koran gives) peace of mind to people, so it might give peace of mind to animals and produce better meat.” Abdullah added that he hopes the local farmers would be led the way in implementing the new move.

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The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) earlier known as Pan-Malayan Islamic Party), now commonly known as PAS, is an Islamist political party in Malaysia. The party is also in charge of the state legislature in Kelantan, in the north of the Muslim-majority country has been in controversy for promoting  Islamic laws. It has been pushing to introduce stringent Islamic criminal code, known as hudud, in Kelantan which includes amputations for stealing and stoning to death for adultery.

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