Bride makes her terminally-ill father dance in Alabama, US: A video of an Alabama-based bride dancing during her wedding with her terminally-ill father has been creating a lot of buzz on social media and left many emotional. In the video, a woman named Mary Bourne Butts was captured dancing with her father Jim, who was on a wheelchair. As per media reports, the bride’s father has been diagnosed by glioblastoma, a brain cancer which can not be cured.

Despite knowing that, the courageous daughter made her father shake his hands a bit and wheeled her father and danced around him at her own wedding. As per media reports, the bride is herself a dance teacher. The poignant video that depicted daughter-father relationship was shared by Blue Room Photography on Facebook. The 3.29-minute video clip has garnered the utmost attention on social media and has left many people in tears.

Many at her wedding, praised the new bride Mary for her sweet gesture. One of the Twitter users expressed hope for the family saying she prays for father’s speedy recovery. 

While the other tweeted expressing love and affection the foments between a daughter and her father. He further shared prayer on social media saying may the bride’s father Jim resurrect in power.

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