2017 will come to end sooner than you think so let us take you down the memory lane and rewind the videos that made you laugh time and again. The people in these videos earned the name of ‘legends’ with their performances. These ‘legends’ garnered everyone’s attention and became the talk of the town with their goofy performance and set social media on fire when their videos went viral. Some of these legends even made headlines in the mainstream media for their videos which were surely not for the faint of heart with the free whirling abuses and what not.

From the abuses of Gormint Aunty to the sexist lyrics of Om Prakash Mishra’ s ‘Aunty ki Ghanti’ to the parody of the desi rapper and the Nagar Palika Guy everyone emerged a sensation in their own leagues but self-proclaimed singer Dhinchak Pooja and Kamlesh (the ‘soluchan’ guy) were out of every league.

Here are six people who fall into our category of legends:

(NSFW *Use of headphone is advised)

Gormint Aunty — A resident of Karachi, Qamar, better known as ‘Gormint Aunty’ had taken the social media by storm when she hurled some choicest abuses on the then Pakistan government and earned the name ‘Gormint Aunty’ for herself.  

Om Prakash Mishra — The sexist lyrics of the song ‘Aunty Ki Ghanti’ by desi rapper Om Prakash Mishra received strong condemnation from a lot of people but at the same time a faction also loved the song and the song became popular among the section of the youth. Videos of college students singing the song in Central Delhi also went viral on social media. It opened another chapter in cringe pop which was loaded with sexist overtones.

Reply to Om Prakash Mishra — The desi rapper was trolled with this parody video of his song and boy, did it do some justice or what.

Nagar Palika Guy —The man in the video is talking about the problems a common man has to face on day to day basis but then he himself gets trapped in one such problem.

Kamlesh (the soluchan guy) — In this dark video which shows the real decadence seeped in the society, a rag picker, Kamlesh, who is a pre-teen,  is interviewed and tells his side of the story and how he got addicted to the nastiest drugs on the streets. The nonchalance towards death which the boy sports is a grim reminder of where we are headed if India’s substance abuse issues are not resolved.

Dhinchak Pooja — Self-proclaimed singer Dhinchak Pooja made it big on social media especially after her song ‘Selfie maine leli aaj’.