According to a report published by Le Parisien, France, which is already famous for a variety of nude beaches, campsites and pools where people can have a great time without their clothes on, has now opened its first ever naked restaurant. Paris being one of the most romantic cities in the world and known for its liking for nudity has opened a nude restaurant where guests can enjoy their meal without their clothes on. Named O’Naturel, the restaurant opened to the public on Friday—November 3 after a successful private dinner reserved exclusively for the Paris Naturist Association on Thursday.

Given the perfectly suitable name—O’Naturel, the restaurant is located in the French capital’s 12th arrondissement, on Rue de Gravelle, and had its grand opening took place on November 2. There is space at the restaurant for up to 40 diners, with meals starting at around €30. Guests are asked to remove all their clothes at the entrance and leave them in the restaurants’ locker.  Restaurant managers Mike and Stephane Saada told Le Parisien that they invited the Paris Naturist Association for their grand opening.

With more than 2.6 million people in France making nudism a regular habit, it’s obvious for the restaurant to have a positive response. In fact, the city already boasts one public pool where people can swim in the buff up to three times a week, as well as around 460 areas including camping sites and beaches.

While it’s the first nude restaurant in France, the concept is far from new to the rest of the world. O’Naturel is not the first naked restaurant in the world. London’s Bunyadi restaurant was the first ever restaurant which initiated this theme where diners could enjoy their food and experience true liberation and purity and release themselves from the usual trappings of modern life and society.

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