little girl sleeping in the classroom: In what could be termed as the most adorable thing, a video of a little girl dozing off in a classroom has gone viral. The girl is sleeping in the middle of a class lecturer and is just not ready to wake up even when her classmates are trying to do so. One of her classmates tries hard to wake her up but the cute little girl is just not bothered that she is in her classroom and is taking her sleep without noticing the people around. In the video, one can see the adorable girl is taking a nap which appears as comfortable as she would have had it at home. Even after being tried by her classmates to wake her up, the girl she seems to be too busy and comfortable in her own world of dreams.

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One of her classmates is trying his best to wake her up but after several attempts, he just fails to do so. He smiles and looks up into the camera camera and again try to wake her up, but fails repeatedly.

The little girl changes her position, opens her eyes for once and again gets back to sleep. Dozing off during a boring lecturer or in a board meeting or even at work place is not new to anyone. We all have our share of times, memories when we have found ourselves in that situation, trying to escape and wanting only one thing, sleep.

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