Remembered for his famous ‘Two women at a window’ painting, Google has dedicated a graphic doodle of the same painting to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Spanish painting exponent Bartolomé Esteban Murillo on Thursday. The renowned painting which is currently on display at National Gallery of Art in Washington DC was made in the 1655-60 AD. Even though Murillo’s exact date of birth is still unknown, he was baptized on New Year’s Eve in 1618 AD in Seville, Spain.

Murillo was the youngest of 14 siblings in his family and had begun studying art in Spain’s Madrid when he was 26 years old. He had tied the knot to Beatriz Cabrera y Villabos and had fathered eleven children with her. He is best remembered for his paintings in which he depicted scenes from history and religious texts, portraits and still lifes in oil and fresco in what was called the golden age of Spanish art. He brought an array of subjects to life through his brush on the canvas, ranging from the opulent ïmmacuklate Conception’ to the gracious ‘Two women at a window’.

Murillo had his own impeccable sense of style, a blend of Flemish and Venetian styles and kept on evolving from his traditional throughout his career as an artist. The future generation of revered painters such as Thomas Gainsborough and Jean-Baptiste Greuze were majorly inspired by Murillo’s works.

Out of all his works, ‘The Holy Family With Dog’and ‘The Adoration of Shepherds’ exhibited in the Musel Del Prado are the most renowned. The Museum of Cadiz, Spain has devoted a room to the famous artist known as ‘the Murillo Room’ which has put his famous works on display. On the account of his 400th anniversary, a series of exhibitions commemorating the splendid work by Murillo will be opened at Seville’s Museum Of Fine Arts. Murillo had left for his heavenly abode at the age of 64 in Seville, Spain

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