Sunday, October 2, 2022

#HandsOffParotta trends on Twitter after authorities say GST on rotis is 5%, parottas is 18%

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Have you ever distinguished between a roti and a parottas? Unless you are a foodie, it’s all the same for majority of Indians. However, the latest ruling of Goods and Service Tax by Authority of Advance Ruling might make you re-think about your decision.

On Friday, a news report by a daily suggested the Authority of Advance Rulings in Karnataka has ruled that parottas should not be classified under the category Khakhara, plain chapati or roti, which are subject to a GST of 5%. A higher GST rate of 18% will be applied on parottas because they need to be heated before consumption. The ruling was made in response to a petition filed by a private food-manufacturing company based in Whitefield, which urged the authority to include parottas in the GST bracket of 5%.

Pratik Jain, partner and leader, indirect tax, PwC India said that AAR has not appreciated that roti is as generic term and can cover different types of Indian breads. Soon after the ruling, #HandsOffPorotta took over social media with roti-parotta memes taking over social media.

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A Twitter user has called the distinction, ‘The heights of Indian Bureaucracy.’ Meanwhile, many called it food fascism and urged this discrimination to end right now.

Here’s how social media is reacting to the Parotta decision:

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