In an interesting turn of events, two families decided to exchange their babies once it emerged that the children had been swapped in hospital at the time of birth. However, both the children were so attached to their families that they refused to leave their families. It was quite an  emotional moment for the families and they finally decided against the idea of swap.According to a report in NDTV, the swapping took place at the Mongoldoi civil hospital where a 48-year-old school teacher had delivered a baby.

Within months, she grew suspicious that this might not be her own baby. “I observed his face, it did not have any resemblance with anyone in our family, rather it was similar to a Bodo woman who was admitted to the same hospital on the day of my delivery,”she was quoted as saying by the NDTV.Hospital authorities did not pay much heed to her concerns, but she filed an RTI to find out the name of babies born on the day and finally zeroed in on family of a Bodo daily wager. Her suspicions turned out to be true once DNA profiling was done.

The families then filed a joint petition and agreed to exchange the babies. However, they were overwhelmed with emotions when babies refused to part ways and they finally agreed against the swap. “We understand only one thing — humanity. This universe is all about humanity,” the Bodo father was quoted as saying. Well, the universe does not seems such a bad place at all after this story. Isn’t it? 

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