Walking down the streets, be it in your neighborhood or anywhere else, and getting back home without being teased by the opposite sex even for once, is something which hardly happens these days. Getting teased on roads and being harassed, while hitting the malls or going back home is something which a girl faces on daily basis. What’s interesting is that no particular country or region faces this problem but the whole world. Reports of a girl being harassed, raped or even getting killed in broad daylight keeps surfacing from every corner of the world.

Many debates are conducted, spokespersons are called in, protests are taken out but a solution to stop this harassment still seems far away. Many victims on the receiving end claim that a cure for cancer is most likely to take place before the opposite sex starts respecting woman.

Taking the cognizance of daily harassment on street, a student from Amsterdam has got herself a month long project, where she takes selfies with every man who harasses her on the street and then posts it on Instagram. The girl Noa Jansma (20) has been identified has as a student from Amsterdam.

#dearcatcallers … after following me for straight 10 minutes "sexy girl Where you goin'?? Can I come with you ?" …

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While talking to a daily, Noa Jansma said that after being constantly harassed on street she came up with this idea. She also said that if any guy ask her to remove the picture, she will, as she does not want to shame the men. Speaking to Newsbeat, she claimed that the treatment she’s received ranges from wolf-whistling, being asked for sex and being physically stopped in the street.

"Ey sexy Chiquita! A donde vas sola?/Ey sexygirl, Where are you going alone?" #dearcatcallers

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When she was asked that what triggered her to follow this path — of taking selfies and posting on Instagram, she said, “I just never knew what to do if someone catcalled me”. She also added that if she went against it, the situation would just escalate, and it would give her a real fright. Unlike many women who chose to ignore the harassment, Noa said that she didn’t want to just ignore it because it ‘felt weird’ that the men could get away with saying whatever they wanted without consequence.

Explaining more about her idea to tackle harassment, Noa said that she found it weird that half of humanity was well aware about what women face on daily basis, but the other half, didn’t even know that this existed. “So that’s how I came up with the idea – to just show it actually,” she added.

#dearcatcallers "hmmmm you wanna kiss?"

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Terming her move as a ‘global project’, Noa said that wants the project to create awareness for women who’ve had to put up with it as part of their daily lives. She further added, “That’s why I will give the account to another girl in another country and in another city just to show it can happen everywhere to anyone.”