In a very strange way, an identified man stole a bulb which hung outside a shop on the pretext of exercising reported Indian Express. In the 2.15-minute video clip, which was shared by Tamil news channel Puthiya Thalaimurai TV on YouTube showed that the man started by exercising and was keenly looking around so that nobody nabs him. After sometime, he was seen looking around the passing vehicles, following that he pulled the wire which was hanging above him.

After going on for a while, the man uniquely took off the bulb which was hanging along the wire and hid inside his pocket. Ffter this sheer unique act of stealing, he watched around and crossed checked so that he does not get caught. The video is quite hilarious to watch.

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While trying to avoid the nearby onlookers, the man failed to spot that the CCTV camera recorded the whole incident of stealing a bulb so uniquely.

In April, a man from Bihar was thrashed excessivly after he was found allegedly stealing a mobile phone in Darbhanga’s Hingoli village.

In a video, the man was found beaten immensely by a group while others were simply gazing at the incident. The alleged accused was latter hanged from a height with a heavy metal chain, which was visible in a 30-second video clip.

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