A relaxing cruise trip of almost two-thirds of the passengers on board Voyager of the Seas bound from Singapore to Australia in September turned into a bizarre memory after 1,300 employees of Indian pan masala firm wreaked havoc on the Australian cruise. The Royal Carribean International refunded several people who had filed complaints against the uncontrollable Indian men. The complaints received by the company narrated the ordeal faced by them during the three-night sailing. A leading news agency quoted the passengers saying that the Indian men made it awful for the co-passengers as they have brought burlesque dancers and had taken over several areas of the ship.

The passengers also narrated that these men have also brought women who were dressed as Playboy bunny and were harassing other young girls by filming them on their phones. The passengers added that these men had kept their doors open and every time they should walk past it, it was a disgusted feeling. The men have also brought their own food along with them.

Their activities also led to the cancellation of some cruise activities. Reports said that the cruise has a capacity of over 3,000 passengers and those who have complained were provided with a full refund by the company.

Meanwhile, the travel company, Tirun Travel Marketing, which has booked the trip for the Indian nationals had denied all the reports. They claimed that the Indian group was appropriately dressed and didn’t create any trouble throughout the journey. They also raised a question over why only six people filed a complaint against the men. The agency also added that they must have filed a complaint to the authorities on the ship itself and shouldn’t have waited for the trip to get over. They also alleged that there were over 3,900 people on the cruise but only six of them had issues.

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